Woodfield Laundry: Commercial Linen Services for Hospitals

commercial laundry services

Hospitals should be a place of unquestionable sanitation and cleanliness. When it comes to both appearance and medical functionality, there can be no missteps in the cleaning process for all linens in your hospital. Some linens you’ll want to pay special attention to in a hospital when cleaning scrubs, bedsheets, curtains, blankets, table clothes, doctors’… [Read More]

Why Uniforms Set the Professional Standard for Your Business and Your Staff

1. Commercial laundry service

When it comes to appearing professional no matter what your industry, having a uniform appearance sets the standard. It lets consumers and clients know this is a professional, well-equipped team and environment.   Uniforms give a recognizable appearance, can streamline your brand, promote your business, as well as provide several other benefits.   In fact,… [Read More]

Outsourcing Laundry Services or On-premises: Which is Better?

Commercial laundry service

Image is everything. The way your business presents itself has a profound impact on your bottom line. Not only that but today your customers are savvy, plugged-in and social, servicing them isn’t becoming easier. Providing clean linens to customers and pressed uniforms to employees is just one piece of the puzzle when running a business,… [Read More]

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