Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning

Professional dry-cleaning, to some, seems like a luxury. Perhaps, they see it as something you try out when you have that expensive jacket or a mink coat. More so, they do it when a stain seems too tough to remove. Well, they’re far from the truth The truth is that professional dry cleaning services like… [Read More]

Woodfield Laundry: Commercial Linen Services for Hospitals

commercial laundry services

Hospitals should be a place of unquestionable sanitation and cleanliness. When it comes to both appearance and medical functionality, there can be no missteps in the cleaning process for all linens in your hospital. Some linens you’ll want to pay special attention to in a hospital when cleaning scrubs, bedsheets, curtains, blankets, table clothes, doctors’… [Read More]

Bed Bug Myth Busting: Arm Yourself With The Right Information

bed bug laundry service

Bed bug cases have been on the rise for years. It seems that nearly everyone has a horror story about bed bugs they’ve heard from a friend or acquaintance. This has given rise to a great deal of misinformation, which circulates by word of mouth or the internet. Such false information can prevent people from… [Read More]

Wash and Fold Laundry Service That’s Transforming the Industry

wash and fold laundry service

All wash and fold laundry service providers are the same, right? Wrong. We are nothing like the competition. For starters, we built Woodfield Laundromat Express from the ground up only four years ago. Our goal was to create the Nassau County’s best laundromat, and it’s clear that we succeeded. How did we do it? By… [Read More]

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