Dry Cleaning Good Enough for the United States Marine Corps

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best dry cleaner in Nassau County

There’s just something about clothes that are fresh from the dry cleaner. Clean and perfectly pressed, they exude a polished look that speaks volumes. Put them on and you become the best version of yourself – attractive, poised, confident, and ready to tackle anything the day (or night) may throw at you.


At Woodfield Laundromat Express, we offer the best dry cleaning on Long Island. For me, dry cleaning is personal. During my time in the United States Marine Corps, dressing my best meant reaching for my dress blue uniform. And those dress blues were always fresh from the dry cleaner. Absolutely everything had to be right.


When we handle YOUR dry cleaning, we strive to hit the same impeccable standards that were drilled into my brain in the military. Your clothes are YOUR uniform – they represent who you are. They are the armour you wear when you take on the world. You need to look your best, no matter what your mission is.


So…What makes us the best dry cleaner in Nassau County? I’m proud to say that we offer the highest quality results, and we also bring to the plate unbeatable convenience. Here’s what sets us apart:


We use the very best equipment that’s available anywhere. We aren’t working with run of the mill machinery and equipment that has been around forever. Instead, we use the most technologically advanced tools in the industry for both cleaning and pressing. Our cutting-edge equipment, manned by a skillful, focused team that’s committed to their craft, ensures the very best results.


We pick up and deliver your dry cleaning for FREE. Who has time in their busy life to squeeze in a trip to the dry cleaner? Not you, with your already hectic schedule. No more rushing to the dry cleaner after work, desperate to make it there before the place shuts down for the night. We pick up your things and deliver them right back to your door. It’s the ultimate convenience.


Fast turnaround is standard. You drop your stuff at the typical dry cleaner and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see your things again in the near future. Not with us. Our highly-efficient operation, staffed by the best people, means we’ll have your dry cleaning back to you in no time.


We offer same day rush service. You are heading into work, you’ve got a big presentation tomorrow, and you just realized your best suit is at the bottom of your laundry pile. Skip the panic. We’ve got you covered. Place your request by 10am and we’ll have it back to you by 6pm that same day. And yes – we’ll still pick it up from you AND deliver it back to your door. This is how we earned the title of best dry cleaner in Nassau County.


We offer an organic option. With lots of allergies and sensitivities out there, we want to keep you and your family safe. We offer an organic dry cleaning option for those who prefer it. Give us a call for complete details.


We use a high tech tagging system to track your dry cleaning every step of the process. You dry clean your most expensive clothes – suits, designer dresses, knits like cashmere that require extra care. You want these items returned to you, not lost somewhere in transit. So we use the very best tracking technology in the industry. Every item is tagged with a special barcode. We know exactly where it is, at all times. Right until the minute we deliver it back to you.


We’ve got the best customer service. I started this business from scratch and it’s my baby. I know we have a great product, and unequaled convenience. But that’s not enough. I also want you to love working with us. So, I only hire the type of people that I myself want to work with. Friendly, responsive, reliable people who are focused on getting the job done right. They are the secret sauce in our recipe for greatness.


We carry special insurance to cover your dry cleaning, just in case. We hope we never have to use it. But just in case, it’s there. If any of your dry cleaning is damaged, we will make it right. This special insurance is an added layer of protection for the clothes you value most at no extra charge.


You’ll like our prices. You probably expect to pay a premium for dry cleaning like ours, especially with our free pick and delivery service. Wrong. Click here to check out our complete list of prices. You’re going to like what you see.


We guarantee you’ll be happy. If for any reason you aren’t happy with your dry cleaning, we’ll work with you to get it right. We strive for perfection but if we ever fail you, please let us know. We are firmly committed to making your experience the best it can be.


Are you ready to be impressed by the best dry cleaner in Nassau County? Contact us by 10am to schedule same day pick up. Click here, download our app, or call us at 516-418-2112. We are here for you seven days a week including holidays, and we pick up and deliver to all of Nassau County.

best dry cleaner in Nassau County

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