Have Your Laundry Picked Up, Cleaned & Delivered Back to You, At the Tap of a Button

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Create a Free Account

Create your free account, add your items, and schedule your pick-up. You can also download our mobile app to help make managing your laundry even easier.


We Collect & Clean

We stop by to pick up your laundry for FREE. Your items are recorded so they don’t get lost. Any special washing instructions are noted and separated according to your preferences. Everything is carefully washed, dried and neatly folded.


We Deliver for FREE

Your freshly-cleaned clothes are sealed in high-density polyethylene bags, helping seal freshness and preventing outside debris from entering in. We’ll send you a text message letting you know your order is complete. Your garments are delivered for FREE in our branded laundry bag.

We’re Different. Here’s Why:

When you wash with us, you’ll see we go the extra mile in making your washing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Here are just some of the things we do differently that makes for a more thorough, higher-quality wash:

Washing machine with suds

Machines Cleaned Daily

All washing machines & dryers are cleaned daily and sanitized frequently.

Our 4-step sanitation process includes running each washer through several cycles of white vinegar in hot water to spraying disinfectant spray into each washer’s chamber, eliminating germs and bacteria.

Clean triple filtered water

Triple-Filtered Water

All water is filtered three times before entering the chamber of each washing machine.

This means your laundry is washed in pure, fresh water without traces of dirt or debris.

We buy our water and do not use recycled, free or well water. Because we believe it doesn’t make sense to wash your clothes in toilet water.

Woodfield laundromat express counter

Carefully Sorted Laundry

Your laundry will never be mixed with other peoples’ dirty clothes. Trust us, this happens a lot!

Relax knowing your clothes are washed with a laundromat that works hard to respect your personal hygiene.

Your Laundry, On Autopilot

Stay focused on your top priorities and let a team of professionals handle all your laundry from start to finish.

When you hand over the reins of your laundry cleaning to us, you’ll:

laundromat washing machine

Save Time

Simple pick-up & delivery service makes laundry day a breeze.

Put your laundry on autopilot and save time for more enjoyable activities.

folded laundry

Have More Freedom

Live a freer, happier life where you don’t suffer from the weekly struggle of cleaning laundry.

Love the way your laundry is automatically cleaned & perfectly folded, without you lifting a finger.

order online

Stress Less

Simply tap a button to effortlessly erase laundry off your to-do list – forever.

Never again worry about last-minute laundry-runs. Instead, sit back & relax as you enjoy living a calmer, more organized life.

Dry cleaning coats

Look & Feel Amazing

Your laundry is washed using tripled-filtered water with premium detergents & softeners. All machines are cleaned daily & sanitized frequently.

Feel devastatingly confident in your expertly washed clothes.

Laundry helpers

Boost Productivity

Delegate the chore of doing laundry to a team of professionals.

Maintain laser-like focus on your top priorities so you can blast through more important work.

Schedule Laundry Faster

Schedule to have your laundry picked up, cleaned and delivered back to you in just 1 minute online or with our easy-to-use phone app.

Enjoy saving time with a fast & simple ordering process.

We get it. Change is Hard!

The last thing you want to do with your valuable time is spend it buried under a mountain of dirty laundry. Why not pass the chore on to us?

Let us handle all your laundry and you’ll instantly unlock a smooth, relaxing, blissfully-free life where you’re not held captive to tedious tasks like sorting & folding clothes. Instead, you can spend more of your time living life to the fullest.

But we do understand; it can be hard to trust a new laundromat. After all, you’ve never used us before, so how can you know we’ll do an outstanding job?

Well, to put your mind at ease; we’ve got a 48-hour re-clean quality guarantee: If you’re not happy, simply take a picture of the item you’re unsatisfied with and send it over within 48 hours or less of us washing it, and we’ll happily re-clean it until you’re satisfied.

We’re not kidding. We’ve got you covered because when you look good, we look good.

Give us a shot. You’ll love us. We guarantee it!

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You’ll love us.
We guarantee it!

We’re so confident in the quality of our cleaning we even offer the Woodfield Laundromat Express Quality Guarantee. That means if you’re ever unsatisfied with the quality of our cleaning, just let us know within 24 hours and we’ll re-clean your items for free.

You Can Also Use Us For

In Store Washing

If you’d like, you can come in and wash, dry & fold all your laundry yourself. We’re a new laundromat with brand-new machines that get cleaned daily and run using fresh, triple-filtered water. All dryers are free; soap and soda dispensers are available at a low cost.

While you’re waiting for your laundry to be washed, you can stay entertained with our free hi-speed Wi-Fi, HD TVs & cable. To make your stay easier and more comfortable; we also offer air-conditioning and plenty of space to park your car. Paying for laundry is kept simple using our easy-to-use pay-by-card system (all cards are free).

View Pricing

Drop-off Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Service

If you’re short on time you can quickly drop your laundry with us to be washed, dried & folded. Your laundry will never be mixed with other people’s laundry when washed. We also do professional dry-cleaning.

All we need from you when you drop off your laundry and/or dry-cleaning is some basic information like your personal details, washing needs and item-washing preferences. This keeps your experience smooth and stress-free knowing you can trust us to wash your laundry to the exact standards you expect.

View Pricing

Commercial Laundry

If you need an extra hand getting all your uniforms, outfits and work attire cleaned at an affordable price; then you can come to us.

We offer laundry cleaning services to many different businesses including day care centers, gyms, colleges & much, much more.

View Pricing

Actual Reviews

Typos and all 🙂

Kara Maria
Kara Maria
I decided to give this a try while they were running their promotion. I have never done this but always wanted to so I gave it a shot. I have to say I had a great experience. I was notified upon pick up and also again upon drop off. It was great communication and the process to put in the orderwas very easy. My laundry came back so neatly packed folded, and they even hung up my sweaters, everything came back very presentable, clean, and the service was great thanks to our driver David. I would definitely recommend as my experience was great and they made a great first impression.read more
Andrea Brevard
Andrea Brevard
Tried them using the promotional offer. I've never even thought about letting someone do my laundry.lolo But for the offer, hey why not. Laundry picked up and dropped off at time selected. It was like sending my young child off to school.lolol The driver was extremely pleasant. Laundry was clean, fresh and packed so nicely. They were folded so so neat. Wahoo to all from the manager of whom answered all my questions, the driver of whom was pleasant and to those behind the scenes (folders)....WAHOO n Thank You!! I will def use again.read more
K Dre Clinton
K Dre Clinton
I love it in and out with no hassle. My clothes are washed good and the price is reasonable.
Rodney Lawrence
Rodney Lawrence
If you have any issues the upper management makes sure you leave satisfied
Shellz Pen
Shellz Pen
My fav laundry. Barely ever have to fight for machines. Nice and clean
Lorraine Sorrentino Watson
Lorraine Sorrentino Watson
It's always so clean..The staff is always so pleasant and helpful. I have recommended Woodfield Laundromat to several of my friends who were going elsewhere. I'm glad you purchased more comfortable and sturdy chairs.read more
Boris Chavez
Boris Chavez
New machines , easy access too from the parking lot, strong wifi and the best it's not hot , the ceiling fans working � % Happy customer, my new place to do my laundryread more
Hudson Michel
Hudson Michel
good times with my daughter. she learned how tedious folding a crap load of laundry can be
Joan Jimenez Santiago
Joan Jimenez Santiago
Excellent service. Always neat and clean. Friendly staff personnel.
Niko Jc Patito
Niko Jc Patito
As always his my laundry since they open the best 🙂
Lorena Marcela Amaya
Lorena Marcela Amaya
Hoy fue mi primera ves y me gusto mucho. Maquinas nuevas. To do bien limpio. Y el personal muy amable. Y secado gratis. Lo recomiendo....read more
Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth Sanchez
Me encantó el lugar, las máquinas muy buenas, todo limpio, las señoritas que atienden son muy amables, y el secado es gratis. Lo recomiendo 100%read more
Leyla Acevedo
Leyla Acevedo
I drop my clothes there every weekend and the attendant mayra always receive me with a smile and take such good care of my clothes, always well folded and smelling super clean!read more
Kim Andy Mercado
Kim Andy Mercado
Very clean, the ladies that work there are wonderful.
Denis Roberto Hernandez
Denis Roberto Hernandez
Les recomiendo esta Laundromat porque la secada es gratuita y es una excelente laundry
Marines Hernandez
Marines Hernandez
Very nice! Place is always clean and has awsome helpers!!
Celina Marin
Celina Marin
Love this place very clean free dryers can't ask for anything else keep up the good work .
Enrique Cristales
Enrique Cristales
The employees are really awesome ( la señorita de la laundry) aka Maira. The machines work really good Everything is on pointread more
Prom Dinero
Prom Dinero
I love it here the free drying is great and the workers are respectful! I this is my main laundromat now
Edgardo Miranda Rivera
Edgardo Miranda Rivera
Es una super lavanderia muy limpia todo nuevo muy Buena atencion la muchacha super amable
Patricia Albano-Raffloer
Patricia Albano-Raffloer
love the way my clothes smell fast friendly service needed special care for clothing that was dropped off today never disapointedread more
Odra Luque
Odra Luque
Congratulations!!!!! All is clean, brand new, new machines, the girl on charge is super too!!!!! Everything was perfect!!! Thanks for put an extra on that service, is very important!!!!read more
Rosa Elvira Orellana
Rosa Elvira Orellana
Very nice and clean, thank you for your effort to bring such a great laundromat to our community